The Little Things

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These are very strange and difficult times. The COVID-19 pandemic is scary. I never know what I’m going to feel each day. Hope? Despair? Nothing? Something in between?

Since we are all stuck at home there is so much pressure to be productive. Clean the house! Reorganize! Write that book! Assemble that 4,597,847,557-piece puzzle you got for Christmas!

Yes, some days I’m productive (hello, next book!). But for a lot of days that pressure for productivity looms like a big, dark cloud. And like lightning, it strikes you in the butt for not getting a move on. It feels horrible.

What I’ve tried to do when the clouds gather and lightning strikes, is to go for a walk and keep an eye out for the little things. Here are some of the little things I’ve found:

Buds bursting from branches…


Purple completely carpeting someone’s lawn.

More purple!

And yellow.

A top-notch fetching stick (thanks to Spirit’s detective work).

And finally, the compassion of strangers written on a rock in the woods:

Maybe today won’t be so bad after all.

What do you think?

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